Swords at the South Melbourne Markets

Swords, South Melbourne Markets

Sunday mornings at the markets are an awesome thing in Melbourne. They’re actually sufficiently awesome to get my nocturnal self out of bed for the occasion, occasionally. When I lived in the Melb, I was nearer the Victoria Markets, so I’m not sure if this stall existed while I lived in town, but I was glad I visited them when I was over for my friends’ wedding.

Named ‘Swords’ for no immediately-apparent reason, they specialised in Australian microbreweries and some moderately-obscure European stuff. Toby was off shopping for food — about which I know basically nothing — so I busied myself here. I picked out a few promising-looking beers, plonked them on the counter and then (assuming that they established my bona fides as a Beer Nerd) asked the very-helpful guy behind the counter to pick me out two more to add to my stash; things I hadn’t picked, but should’ve.

Swag from Swords
My swag from Swords

I wound up with, from left to right:

As you can see from the lack of a link, the Sweetwater doesn’t later show up in the Diary. I have literally no idea why not. Maybe I never drank it; maybe I just never noted it down; maybe Toby had it.

2 thoughts on “Swords at the South Melbourne Markets”

  1. you know what. I did drink that beer. And have bought it again since. I think it found it’s way into the back of the fridge, and I didn’t find it for a few weeks. I’m not altogether surprised by this, as your trip here resulted in a few hazy nights. Nevermind, it was tasty enought to buy again – particularly when you want something summery and refreshing.

  2. Excellent. Glad it was put to good use, and glad it was worth a repeat. And hell yeah there were some blurry nights; that was a surpassingly excellent holiday. So I totally owed you at least a good beer as rent on the spare room — and the nice shirt and cufflinks for the wedding.

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