Hullo! You’ve followed an old link to get here, and I haven’t managed to prune them all out, yet. Apologies for the resulting confusion, if any. The original ‘About’ section has been chopped into different sections; follow any1 of the links below to carry on:

  • About the Diary: the Origin Story, both for the original pen-and-paper diary, and this non-physical2 incarnation.
  • About the author: about me (i.e., Phil Cook), disclosures of conflicts of interest (whether real, imagined, or only-vaguely-possible), and a contact form.
  • About this website: details on the things I used to make this, and the Creative Commons license which lets you use what you find here to make things, should you feel inclined.

As compensation for this page not being what I said it’d be when I linked to it (whenever and wherever I did that), here’s a superadorable little dinosaur:

Floyd, a suitable totem for lost things
Floyd, a suitable totem for lost things

1: Or all. Or none. I’m not the boss of you.
2: Well, less-obviously-physical, at least. Metaphysics is hard.

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