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Three Boys Golden Ale

Three Boys Golden Ale
Three Boys Golden Ale

Pure summer gorgeousness. A very pale straw, and slightly hazy here since the small amount of sediment was a wee bit agitated-in. As Scott (the Bar Manager) puts it “it’s fruity, it’s flirty, it’s fantastic”. Absurdly refreshing, and apparently a “single malt” beer (which is fairly cute), it’s got an appropriate little golden-kiwifruit hint to it, and is the early frontrunner for Beer Of The Summer.

Three Boys Golden Ale
Diary entry #66, Three Boys Golden Ale

Verbatim: Three Boys Golden Ale. 23/11/08 $11 @ Malthaus 4.7% Very pale straw, a wee bit hazy. It’s gorgeous. As Scotty says, it’s fruity, it’s flirty, it’s fantastic. Very light, simple flavour. Absurdly refreshing. “Single malt” apparently. Amelia says it should have breasts — the only thing that’d make it better. “It looks like a beautiful Swedish girl.” A bit of golden kiwifruityness.

Afterthoughts, November 2010: And there’s Amelia’s Diary debut, in fine form. She’s also in the very idiosyncratic school of beer-describing, obviously. We both worked during the day at one pub down the far end of town (her starting early mornings, me on for lunch), so she was a frequent accomplice for a pre-work cup of tea or a not-working afternoon beer (or, occasionally, a pre-work beer, let’s be honest). Our flat-hunting would later on spur a few more excellent beer discoveries, and then (a year and a half after that), it was her that bought me Diary II and so helped provoke the online existence of this thing.

I should really buy her a(nother) beer.

And yeah, this was totally Beer Of The Summer, if you ask me. Which you kinda did.

Little Creatures ‘Bright Ale’

Little Creatures 'Bright Ale'
Little Creatures 'Bright Ale'

The golden ale little brother to the very-much-loved Creatures Pale, ‘Bright’ isn’t as socks-off-knocking as the classic Critter, but is bloody lovely. Reminiscent of fellow Australian legend Cooper’s ‘Sparkling’, it’s lively, fruity, and (like I said; there’s no better word for it) lovely.

Really, I’m only surprised that it (apparently) took me this long before I had one. My love affair with Cooper’s Sparkling began way back in 2001 or so, on a stupidly hot Australia Day. I apparently had slack beer advisors; nobody told me I’d love this, too. It occurs to me that I’ve used the word “love” a lot, here. Basically, it’s just that tasty.

Verbatim: Little Creatures Bright Ale. 2/10/08 $3.5 @ IGA. Reminiscent of Sparkling, unless the name is confusing me. Very lovely + fruity. Apply, I think. Not as socks-knocking as Pale Ale, but yummy. Named just too compare against it?

Little Creatures 'Bright Ale'
Diary entry #52, Little Creatures Bright Ale

Afterthoughts, October 2010: As I know now (and as you, clever reader, may or may not already know), ‘bright’ here really refers to the filteredness of this beer as against the slightly-sedimenty (slightly ‘with-Creatures’, after all) Pale Ale. Golden ales really do develop into an obsession, with me; I bloody loves them, I do.

Badger ‘Golden Glory’

Badger 'Golden Glory'
Diary entry #26, Badger 'Golden Glory'

Verbatim: Badger Golden Glory. 500ml, $5, 4.5%, 7/5/05. Flat day. Smells all peachy and gorgeous. But as G. says, it’s one little weakness is like fruit tea: smells better than tastes — but that’s relative, as it still tastes seriously good.

Afterthoughts, October 2010: A rather-similar golden ale from the same place as the original. Lighter and even fruitier, if anything. These things usually do exceptionally well as ‘evangelistic’ beers to people who say “I don’t like beer”. It still didn’t work on my friend Robyn, though; I’m still trying.

Badger ‘Golden Champion’

Badger 'Golden Champion'
Diary entry #25, Badger 'Golden Champion'

Verbatim: Badger Golden Champion. 500ml, $5, 5%, 4/5/05, with sausages + Firefly. I’m visiting these guys and shaking the hand of the man what makes their beer. Gold, indeed. Really tasty. Warm fruitiness. Peaches, quite a bit. It’s really good. [Brewed w/ elderflower!]

Afterthoughts, October 2010: A nice early example of what developed into a very fruitful little obsession with golden ale. It’s a helluva useful style; the lightness and refreshingness of a light lager, but with the depth of flavour of a good ale.