Badger ‘Tangle Foot’

Badger 'Tangle Foot'
Badger 'Tangle Foot', where the beer-photography habit started

So here we are again with the dear old Tangle Foot. I’ve put the fuller story earlier in these pages, filed under the date of its original entry in the physical Diary. For now, the point is that once I started taking photos of my beer, I couldn’t resist the temptation to show them off. I started by uploading them to Facebook, where I started an album called ‘The Beer Nerd Diaries’ which eventually expanded out to include two sequels (‘The Beer Nerd Diaries 2: Eclectic Brewgaloo’ and ‘The Beer Nerd Diaries 3: Episode III: Revenge of the Pisht), before I got lazy. As I do.

I’ve classed those non-written-down-on-paper records as ‘Lazy Facebook diary entries’; though the photo-taking had finally started, it took a while before it and the Diary-writing habit synched-up with it properly.

Verbatim: Badger Tangle Foot. An old favourite, first discovered at King & Godfree’s in Melbourne, and re-discovered in the Malthouse fridge.

Have at it: