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How to buy a beer

A little while ago — you’ll notice a few references to more-wintery weather in the recording — I sat down with Megan Whelan of The Wireless for a little ramble about how to buy a beer. A seemingly-simple task, perhaps, but … Continue reading

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Small, but Perfectly Formed

Still enjoying my Sydney sabbatical — especially now the heat has eased somewhat — I’ve been reconfirmed in a small thought about small bars, of which this town has increasingly-many, thanks (apparently)1 to a relatively-recent law change. I had a … Continue reading

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Get your hand off it, Wellington

This is indeed a great town to live in — in general, and especially in the going out for a drink or a dinner or a mooch or a movie senses. But a few things about Positively Wellington’s recent ads … Continue reading

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Everything in Its Right Place

In this, as in all things, context is king. Perfect circumstances can rescue the naffest of beers — and mismatchings of time and/or place could equally ruin the most otherwise-charming. Today, Wellingtonians were rightly beside themselves with the sheer loveliness … Continue reading

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The Session #78 — The elevator pitch: Be Your Damn Self

Preamble for beginners:1 The Session is a long-running monthly collaborative blog-thing wherein diverse people muse over a certain predetermined topic. Despite reading a possibly-unhealthy amount of beer-related writings,2 I’ve never joined in before, but was moved to do so when … Continue reading

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BrewDog, ‘Boundary Road’, and becoming the villain

Here’s an interesting angle on the “faux-craft” clusterfuck that has besieged the local beer business: BrewDog, plucky young Scottish upstarts equally loved and loathed for their antics and attitude, have finally signed up an official New Zealand distributor — and … Continue reading

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‘Made to Match’

So, it looks like Lion — one half of the local brewing duopoly, and ultimately a subsidiary of Kirin / Mitsubishi — is taking out a series of infomercials on TVNZ. Product placement so thick it amounts to entire blocks … Continue reading

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