The 2017 Beer Diary Podcast Unexpected Christmas Special

For the holidays — the familiar public ones, but also the 14th anniversary of the first entry in my actual Beer Diary — George and I sat down to talk about what’s changed, and what hasn’t, in the time since we last did one of these. We cover a little of the long arc of news, entry into and exit from the subculture of beer (or indeed anything else), the ageing of beer and of ourselves, the surprisingly fraught nature of not drinking, and keeping things in balance in this peculiar world.

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One thought on “The 2017 Beer Diary Podcast Unexpected Christmas Special”

  1. Great to hear the defense of Dry January. I still twitch when I think back to the drubbing I got when I did Dry July way back in the day. And yes, I was even hit with the “you’re hurting the industry” argument. I mean, it’s possible that in my case that was true… 😉 re: moderation, I tend to moderate that.

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