Beer Diary Podcast s04e04: Women & Beer — part 2

Following straight on — after a quick re-play of the introduction, thanks to some clever editing by George — from last weekend’s episode, we’re delighted to present the second half of our Very Special podcast takeover on Women & Beer, by women, drinking beer. Megan, Beth, Hayley and Steph continue their conversation, covering topics as diverse as canned beer, food matching, ‘extreme’ beers, festivals, labeling and tastings — as well as discussing the potential need for (and nuances of) dedicated women’s groups in the community, the role of (and need for) overt feminism in the beer business.

Massive thanks to all four of our substitute hosts; I’ve really enjoyed listening to these episodes and hope you all have, as well. George and I will be back behind the microphone soon, and should also have something to share from our Beervana Sessions, shortly.

As always, a direct download is available, there’s a podcast-specific RSS feed, and you should be able to get us on iTunes — and if that’s how you get your fix, a review and/or rating would be greatly appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Beer Diary Podcast s04e04: Women & Beer — part 2”

  1. I just got around to listening to these (Part 1 and Part 2) and really enjoyed them. I most loved the fact that Beth, Megan, Steph and Hayley were so obviously enjoying themselves making it.
    It was, of course, also very interesting. We are so lucky with the scene in Wellington aren’t we. So many great breweries, bars and fellow drinkers.

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