Beer Diary Podcast s03e09: 2013 Year in Review

It’s time again, at last, for our Year in Review: a look back at 2013, a pondering of its best beers and beer-related-things, and contemplation of what kind of ‘theme’ the year developed as it went. Our traditionally unhurried approach to these things (we’ve recorded all these episodes in March) met a few additional delays this year, but here we are. Plans are already underway for some Very Special Episodes in season four, but first let’s wrap up our third year — and thank you all for coming along for the rambles.

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Tuatara Helles / Lager (New World Chaffers, 11 Jan 2014)
Tuatara Helles / Lager
Moon Dog 'Black Lung III'  (Hashigo Zake, 31 August 2013)
Moon Dog ‘Black Lung III’
Panhead 'Blacktop' — the first, inexpertly photographed on actual film (Matariki at the Hunter Lounge, 20 July 2013)
Panhead ‘Blacktop’
Yeastie Boys 'Gunnamatta' (Golding's Free Dive, 17 October 2013)
Teacup Gunnamatta
Bridge Road 'Aurora Borealis' (Tallow's Beach, 15 March 2013)
‘Aurora Borealis’
Rex Altercation (Table Top Day, 30 March 2013)
Rex Altercation

— Show notes:

  • (1.40) ‘The Flat of the Axe’ is George’s Cold Chisel cover band, he informs me.
  • (3.30) Apparently, it is officially Ride of the Valkyries, but “Flight of ~” seems a common-enough mistake / mutation that I forgive myself.
  • (3.50) Beer of the Week #1: Almanac Honey Saison. My apologies for the lack of a photo. You’ll all just have to seek out an Almanac, Left Coast, or Speakeasy beer (all imported by the nice folk at Beer Without Borders) to see the gorgeousness.
  • (6.20) Blog of the Year: The Beerhive, says George, and The Bottleneck, says I — with a mandatory Read More Pete Brown caveat, and an honorable mention to Jason Gurney’s two efforts. Also, I have submitted my bin for judgment; please hold.
  • (10.40) Useful Digital Thing of the Year: Feedly, because there really is a ridiculous wealth of good (and of interestingly / usefully not-good) beer writing in the world. My intermittent Sunday Reading posts try to keep up.
  • (12.50) George lasted nine minutes with a saison; easily a new record.
  • (13.50) 2013, Year of the x: The Homebrewer, says George, which possibly ties into my less-elegantly-phrased Commercial Realities Settling In, in several different ways, ranging from subtle to not at all subtle.
  • (23.20) Beer of the Week #2: Moon Dog ‘Black Lung III’.
  • (26.20) Beer of the Year — which one day we won’t have to explain in such detail anymore, but until then: Panhead ‘Quickchange’ XPA, for George — with honorable mentions for Baylands Red Ryder, and 8 Wired’s ‘Semiconductor’. And for me — after a fair amount of (now traditional, but this time with a vague evidence base) faffing around — it’s ParrotDog ‘Otis’. (Meanwhile, I wonder if the Panhead ‘Days of Thunder’ George remembers from Beervana has morphed into ‘The Vandal’, an IPA of notably-similar style and strength.)
  • (31.00) Year of the x prediction for 2014: Moral Panic. (Maybe with fringe benefits.)
  • (34.30) Glass of Beer of the Year: Yeastie Boys ‘Gunnamatta’, for George, which we shared over some Big News — with a silver medal (“Tasting Glass of Year”, perhaps) to Garage Project’s Triple Day of the Dead. My shortlist stretches into a longlist: my (one) Crafty Beggars ‘Wheat As’, Moon Dog ‘Black Lung III’ sitting in as Antipodean Gonzo, Bridge Road / Nøgne Ø ‘Aurora Borealis’, Renaissance ‘Elemental’, and Yeastie Boys / Lobethal Bierhaus ‘Wendy’. But: Yeastie Boys ‘Rex Attitude’, on the inaugural Table Top Day, playing Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs. Accidentally.
  • (41.00) Seriously, though: Planetary. And Transmetropolitan. George and I couldn’t recommend each highly enough.
  • (47.30) My apologies for not getting this up in time to warn you of Table Top Day 2014. Join in for 2015, maybe. And anyway: play more games. Meanwhile, the Call For Help is sincere — if any one can be a Beer Mule to California for us, get it touch.
  • (48.50) Stone’s “City Tap Takeover” was buckets of fun, as previously reported.
  • (52.00) Beer of the Week #3: Rodenbach Grand Cru. Easily “Recommendation of the Year”, if we had one; Jono’s suggestion for this and fish ‘n’ chips has changed lives.
  • (54.00) Pleasant surprises / Miscellaneous bouquets: A surprise ParrotDog ‘Otis’, and a Garage Project ‘Beyond the Pale’ — though Em points out that if it’s just hibiscus flowers, it’s more tisane than “tea”. A mutual shout-out, also, to Luke and Dave’s ‘Ale of a Time’ podcast — Alternate Universe Us, perhaps. And a bribe / beer, for Tim Foster who provided some excellent feedback and earned himself a Yeastie Boys ‘Her Majesty’, which I should get into his possession any day now.
  • (1.01.15) Cue the music: ‘Shopping for Explosives’, by The Coconut Monkeyrocket. Audio editing done in Audacity. Habitual thanks to both.

5 thoughts on “Beer Diary Podcast s03e09: 2013 Year in Review”

    1. I’ll have to address them at length — maybe we need a dedicated Moral Panic episode — but the short version would start by pointing out 1) their needless bullshit gender division (beersies for men, winesies for women — presumably with no exceptions, and no one getting smashed on RTDs), 2) their rendering of a serious issue in childish terms that I really don’t think will help anyone much, and 3) their choice of an avowedly non-drinking frontman being weirdly at odds with an attempt to make a “responsible drinking” message.

  1. Using my veto to pick that Renaissance Elemental was certainly my proudest moment of Beer Options 2013. It might even have been a double-point question!

  2. I might be jumping the gun a bit Phil but if I have my way you will be more than welcome to judge at the Beervana homebrew contest again.
    Also there are definitely screen printing machines for bottles (I know this as I have in my convoluted career jumping history installed several Kamman ones in factories up north).

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