Beer Diary Podcast s03e07: Jono Galuszka

Just before the holidays — so apologies for the delay but, you know, holidays — George and I sat down for a ramble with Jono Galuszka, journalist, beer-and-music nerd, former bartender and barista, and occasional drummer. We discuss the many and varied joys of homebrewing, the at-last semi-reliable appearances of good beer in unexpected places, and (inevitably) a bunch of music. We had a venue change for this episode, so the background dog-shuffles have been replaced with regular overhead airplanes.

You may also note that B.O.T.W. #4 is a (non-boycott-breaking) Moa Sour Blanc. It prompted a predictable little side-ramble into their current situation. We’ve excised it from the main episode and present it below as a DVD Extra / after-credits scene. I allude a few times to a work-in-progress catch-up with post-IPO Moa, and I’ll try to get that done this week. (Meanwhile, I still really miss the Imperial Stout.)

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Yeastie Boys / Jono Galuszka 'Screwtop', with super-appropriate newspaper (Hashigo Zake, 28 August 2013)
Yeastie Boys / Jono Galuszka ‘Screwtop’
Wellington's closing time announcement (Cambridge Terrace, 18 December 2013)
Wellington’s new closing time announcement
Liberty's Bhuty Choc at SOBA's "¬Matariki" (Hunter Lounge, 20 July 2013)
Liberty’s Bhuty Choc at SOBA’s “¬Matariki”


— Show notes:

  • (0.50) I do say this every week, but still. Check out the Coconut Monkeyrocket.
  • (2.30) Beer of the Week #1: Jono’s own [un-named] Belgian golden ale. The other-yeast variant apparently turned out okay, too.
  • (12.30) Friends-of-the-show cross-referencing: Stu McKinlay and Jo Wood.
  • (15.00) Geoff Griggs’ regular Marlborough Express column. ‘Beer minimum of respect’ is the column that Jono and I had particularly in mind.
  • (17.00) Michael Forbes and Shane Cowlishaw’s Beerhive blog.1
  • (19.00) The gear’s all here, but I haven’t yet managed to fire it up. I’ve been gardening.
  • (19.30) Beer’s recent ‘normalising’ turn — session beers and four/six-packs. Also, the Hallertau-Liberty mini-conglom is officially The Beer Fountain.
  • (23.10) Beer of the Week #2: Stewart Brewing ‘Top Of The Hops’. Which was definitely tasty, but that extra (accidental?) point of booze counts against, in context.
  • (27.00) Good beer outside the main centres — and getting around big-brewery-lockdown contracts. And good beer in “non-beer” bars.
  • (29.30) Further friend-of-the-show cross-referencing: Hadyn Green.
  • (30.10) Neil Miller’s Beer & Brewer blog, which does indeed include the Backbencher and Thistle pieces Jono mentions.
  • (33.10) The Beer Diary Podcast basically started with Emerson’s Pilsner. It probably really is time to revisit it in detail. (He says, making a mental note. And a real note.)
  • (34.20) Beer of the Week #3: Jono’s own [un-named] Chili Pale Ale.
  • (45.40) Jono’s day jobhis blog (and its original incarnation, so you can trawl the back catalogue), and his Twitter account (to save you spelling it).
  • (47.00) The WilliamsWarn, the (super-slick) bread machine of homebrewing.
  • (51.40) Beer of the Week #4: Moa Sour Blanc.
  • (54.30) Spiegelau glass de-brief. And I’m having a PKB in the IPA one, now.
  • (1.00.30) Recommendations: Session IPAs (the aforementioned Semiconductor, XPA, etc.), good cider (not the RTDs in drag which are flooding the market). Rodenbach Grand Cru and/or Vintage. Drinking “out of season”. Summer Sommer — which has actually run out in the meantime, but will be back. And try Export Citrus.
  • (1.10.00) Also: play more games. Tabletop Day is coming up, again, too.
  • (1.11.20) Music: Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’, Richard Hawley, and BBC6. Plus Beastwars and the All Seeing Hand.
  • (1.19.00) Beer Thanksgiving: 1) Dave Wood (overlord of SOBA and Hashigo, and open-hearted beer geek), 2) Martin Craig (Pursuit of Hoppiness editor and former blogger), and 3) George Langlands himself, lovely chap that he is.
  • (1.22.30) Belatedly happy holidays! I still owe you all a fuzzy-microphone photo.
  • (1.22.50) Cue the music: ‘Shopping for Explosives’, by The Coconut Monkeyrocket. Audio editing done in Audacity. Habitual thanks to both.

1: Interesting that Fairfax / has so much good beer-related content online, and increasingly good stuff, yet is still an offender in the Use Beer To Illustrate Moral Panic cliché stakes. 

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