Beer Diary Podcast s02e01: Collaboration

Back for a second ‘season’ — are more-or-less arbitrary division, but we watch a fair amount of (good) TV and can’t help but think of things like that — George and I sat down a little while ago to talk about collaboration in craft beer.

We recorded this a while ago — as becomes obvious once or twice from the conversation — but the same things keeping me from blogging Diary entries got in the way of uploading it. My apologies for that, but I’m pleased to report that George already has s02e02 edited and ready to go; I should find time to upload it while I’m in Melbourne — the topic, a little ironically, is “Australia” — or very shortly after I get back.

As always, a direct download is available, there’s a podcast-specific RSS feed, and you should be able to get us on iTunesGeorge and myself can also both be reached on the Twitterthing, or you can leave comments here or on the Bookface.

Show notes:

6 thoughts on “Beer Diary Podcast s02e01: Collaboration”

  1. Hi Phil. The video you’ve linked to for ‘Ø for Awesome’ is the one That got uploaded in the wrong aspect ratio. It went out on the HZ email, co I never bothered taking it down. Here’s a link to the same video that doesn’t make your eyes bleed with the horrible squished-ness:

    1. Damn. I’ll fix that tomorrow; editing the posts with the embedded podcast-player in them can get a little finnicky. (Cheers for the correction, though!)

  2. I recently brewed my first rye beer. Approprietly it was in preperation for a pro collaboration brew that will be popping up mid winterish. I didnt regret it. I fretted before hand but in the end it was a smooth brew day. Just slightly longer than normal. Rye certainly gives some fantastic mouthfeel.

  3. I really gotta start taking headphones to work. Not everyone enjoys these as much as I do – especially when I tell them to be quieter so I can listen.

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