Brew Moon ‘Hophead’ IPA

Brew Moon 'Hophead' IPA
Brew Moon 'Hophead' IPA

I’m still kicking myself that me and my friends didn’t know about the Brew Moon Cafe when we were on our South Island roadtrip a few years ago. They’re in the charming-enough little town of Amberly, in North Canterbury, and we stopped there (we stop a lot, on our roadtrips) to see the statue of Double-VC soldier Charles Upham, who once farmed nearby. Now that I do know about this place and their beers, I really must go back.

‘Hophead’ is a lovely beer; it’s not a crazypants kind of over-done / attention-grabbing IPA, it’s just a solid bottle of yum. And I can’t help but notice this Diary entry’s place in the timing of this blogthing; I’d just reached frustration-point with the fact I wasn’t carrying Diary I with me and so couldn’t remember which note-worthy beers already had been appropriately noted. So there’s a weird sort of particular satisfaction in putting this note up, I must say.

Brew Moon 'Hophead' IPA
Diary II entry #6, Brew Moon 'Hophead' IPA

Verbatim: Brew Moon ‘Hophead’ IPA 16/9/10 500ml÷3 with Scotty & Peter. $9ish from Rumbles, 5%. We randomly had this a while ago, but I can’t remember if I Booked it, I really must get these online. And it’s pretty tasty all over again. Good orangey-coloured body, fruity hops and just general good-drinkin’ yumness. Not a mucked-with loopy IPA; just a perfectly-solid one.

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  1. Just for the record, we didn’t visit Charles Upham; we specifically went to the statue to give him Big Ups for all his good work.

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