Yeastie Boys ‘Kid Chocolate’

Yeastie Boys 'Kid Chocolate'
Diary entry #84, Yeastie Boys 'Kid Chocolate'

After the Silage Debacle, this was an incredibly-welcome change. The third Yeastie Boys release was a charmingly un-fashionable mild — great big hop-fueled high-booze things were very much in fashion, so the Yeasties staked their claim to being Plural-Tricked Ponies very early on.

It is weird that we got to the point where mildness could be a vaguely revolutionary thing, but this stuff was too enjoyable and mellow and good for any sort of complaint about the state of craft brewing in general to bubble very far up the brainstem. That’s what these things do, when they’re done well; they shut you up. Or at least, they shut up anything overly-animated and just let you sit and quietly talk nonsense with your friends. Like you should do more often, whoever you are.

Verbatim: Yeastie Boys ‘Kid Chocolate’ Mild 25/3/09 staffie at Malty $8/pint 3.6% The third YB, and a mostly forgotten style. Sessionable brown ale. Lovely chestnut colour, almost no hop presennce, as per style. Nice smooth malt-driven quaffer. Slightest nudge of choc. Another oddly-named good thing.

3 thoughts on “Yeastie Boys ‘Kid Chocolate’”

  1. Cheers! I didn’t get any chocolate… just a rich nuttiness. I’d love to do it again, with even less hops! Just need to find the time and, unfortunately, 2011 doesn’t hold any options there.

  2. Yeah, I guess my tastebuds were primed for chocolate by the name, and so read some corners of the maltiness that way. Beer names are tricky like that, especially when the reference goes over your head…

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