Matson’s Strong Ale

Matson's Strong Ale
Diary entry #31, Matson's Strong Ale

Verbatim: Matson’s Strong Ale. $16/6, 7.5%, 6/5/2006. It’s a bock, and I’m at Fatty’s. Lots of people, lots of Jamie’s Italian Food. All good. Anyway, beer is very good. From Chch, very beery. Can’t quite taste the extra punch. Tanglefooty.

Afterthoughts, October 2010: Six months without a note? This thing is seriously patchy, in its early days. And things are about to get worse… (Meanwhile, the pen from this page is being seriously out-done by the pen from the page before, isn’t it?)

Matson’s have gone through quite a few reshuffles of their range and their branding (landing, currently, on a logo alarmingly reminiscent of that for the Malthouse…), but I do see they’re also fond of that line-blurring nonsense that DB are so fond of — calling a doppelbock a “strong ale”, and all.

3 thoughts on “Matson’s Strong Ale”

  1. 30+ entries in and you seem to have liked every beer so far. Is this down to the fact that you just like beer and so find it hard to say something negative about it? Or do you only record beers you enjoy?

    Given how good you are at ripping things to pieces I think you’re missing an untapped vein of posts. I’d pay money (or at least buy you a beer) to read your reviews of crimes against yeast such as Steinlarger Pure or that hideous apricot summer thing that Speights put out a couple of years ago.

  2. Honestly, I can hardly remember, this far back. The big gaps might be partially explained by a lack of beers of socks-off-knocking goodness — and partially just slackness. I do try a lot of beers that I don’t like, even ones I was always pretty sure I wouldn’t like, but I guess I don’t bother recording them all. Some firmer gripes definitely show up later on. But yes, I should unleash the fury on a few others, just for giggles.

  3. In the same vein, I would like to see you keep a score of worst beer ever. This should be a commercially produced beer, mind. I don’t think it fair to incriminate honest home brew intentions.

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