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Station Ident: Exhale

It’s Sevens Weekend here in Wellington and that makes for a massively-stressful couple of days for a lot of people in this town, unfortunately. What could be a genuinely excellent two-day tournament has descended into a dress-up party that involves … Continue reading

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Station Ident: Beached

I’ve taken temporary refuge1 in a country so emphatically beachy† that it resists any attempts us monkeys make to lay infrastructure on the shore. There’s always plenty of “research” to be done while I’m here — I can confirm, for example, … Continue reading

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Station Ident: Changeover

So, Beer Diary II is dead — or at least about to embark on its mostly-bookshelved (but never abandoned) retirement — long live Beer Diary III. I’m in Sydney for a few more days, having one of those holidays1 wherein you stop wearing … Continue reading

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666 ‘Black Se7en’ IPA

The days are just packed. There’s a mixed-blessing over-abundance of wonderful beery stuff in my life at the moment; much of which I’d love to be writing about, but I’m finding — for the moment1 — it’s all jostled up … Continue reading

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Desert Island Beers

Desert Island Discs is one of those inelimably British British cultural institutions.2 It’s been going since WWII, and is likely responsible for all those brilliant scenes in High Fidelity3 wherein the record shop staff assemble their Top Fives for various (increasingly random) … Continue reading

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On blogging, and not blogging, and such

Well now. It has been a while. I’ve said that kind of thing more than a few times in the course of this ongoing Beer Diary project, and here I am again. I was probably due a bit of a break, but … Continue reading

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An acceptance speech — and a welcome

This is always a great time of year to be a beer geek. Beervana and its satellite events are like Woodstock meets Comic-Con meets some kind of secular-and-sudsy pilgrimage. But my week, hectic and exhausting as it undoubtedly was, took … Continue reading

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