Hullo! You’ve followed an old link to get here, and I haven’t managed to prune them all out, yet. Apologies for the resulting confusion, if any. The ‘About’ section has been bifurcated into two halves; follow either1 of the links below to carry on:

  • About the Diary: the Origin Story, both for the original pen-and-paper diary, and this non-physical2 incarnation.
  • About the author: about me (i.e., Phil Cook), disclosures of conflicts of interest (whether real, imagined, or only-vaguely-possible), and a contact form.

As compensation for this page not being what I said it’d be when I linked to it (whenever and wherever I did that), here’s a superadorable little dinosaur:

Floyd, a suitable totem for lost things

Floyd, a suitable totem for lost things

1: Or neither. Or both. I’m not the boss of you.
2: Well, less-obviously physical, at least. Metaphysics is hard.

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