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Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

Being something of an old-school internet-hippie (and basically not any other kind), I’m putting all of my own content here under a relatively-open Creative Commons licence — this includes any text and photos I’ve created. The podcast is available under a very-similar license, just with an extra “share-alike” clause. When I’m quoting someone, or using their images, I’ll make that clear, and obviously things like the code of themes and plugins remain under whatever rules their own creators have chosen (see the colophon).

This license basically means that you (whoever you are) are free to use my work for any non-commercial purpose, so long as you give me proper attribution — for which I’d count my name and a link back here, for example. I also have a pretty relaxed definition of ‘non-commercial’ and for example wouldn’t care that you had advertisements on your blog / webpage, so long as the operation wasn’t your main source of income. I’m also entirely open to commercial uses of my work, so anyone interested should feel free to contact me; rates would be ludicrously reasonable, I’m sure, I just chose this particular license so as to disable such use ‘by default’. If needed for printed work, the original much-higher resolution versions of my photos are also available on request.

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